Wednesday, August 13

Manila Sunset... No filter needed

I got a call from my best friend Lee, she was driving and was so awed by what she saw in the horizon, she just had to make sure I look out my window to see it.

The Manila Bay Sunset! There's really nothing like it. I thank God everyday that my condo is where it is. I get to see God's painting in the sky. I swear it's different each day.

As I shared to my Facebook friends a couple of days ago, it makes me love doing paperwork looking at this view. 

With all that happened this year--having emergency surgery, a difficult recovery, residual reflux to this day--the beauty I see outside my window gives me hope for the future.

I see it as God's encouragement, that whatever difficulty I face... Just like the sunset, some things are constant. Like his everlasting love for me. Thank you, Lord! 

Sunday, June 30

The Big Move

Moving is never easy, particularly in the wee hours of the morning... I still have a huge headache from the sudden leasing of my aunt & sister's condo. I've been managing our rental properties for ages but this one's really something else.

I had to move stuff out of the apartment to get it ready for the tenant in just four hours! Good thing a neighbor rents out her 7th floor unit for 1800 php/night so we had somewhere to place our stuff before I accepted our new condo three floors up.

It was not a pretty sight at the studio apartment. I'm just thankful that I had people working at my kiosk who are also my distant cousins. So I have people who cares about me & were there to help  no matter how late it was. 

At least I've got the new aircon & the shower heater installed now. I find I didn't mind not having a proper bed yet as long as I have a/c & hot water. I did a double take with the 2500 php installation fee though. Ugh! That hurts.

Now I'm waiting for the architect to do his thing. A condo this small needs an expert to decide where everything should be. Though I'm absolutely dreading the bill. :(
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